At Bogart & Brownell Insurance, Inc., we share your commitment to protect your business to the fullest. We understand that a standard, cookie cutter policy will simply not suffice in safeguarding your investment, which is why our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to customize your business insurance portfolio.

We offer a wide range of business insurance policies to meet your exclusive needs. Allow us to be your guiding hand in developing an insurance package that best protects your biggest investment.

Bogart & Brownell Insurance, Inc. specializes in business insurance portfolios, including but not limited to:

Commercial General Liability

General liability insurance provides business owners with protection against our litigious society. Accidents happen, and it is your risk management procedures that determine whether or not an incident makes or breaks you.

Rather than leaving your business vulnerable to litigious threats, you must obtain a commercial liability insurance policy that effectively protects your investment. No matter how small or large your organization may be, you must obtain protection against the unforeseen.

Commercial Autos

Whether you have one delivery van or a fleet of trucks operating business, you must obtain the protection you and your commercial automobiles deserve. Commercial automobile insurance safeguards your business from everything that can go array on the open roads.

Due to all the uncertainties on the roads, you will want the peace of mind a commercial automobile insurance policy provides. This policy will ensure that your team members, commercial autos, and inventory are protected from any outside threats.

Commercial Inland Marine

While the standard commercial property insurance policy will provide your equipment, inventory, and materials with coverage at your business address, you leave everything vulnerable during frequent transits. To combat this gap in coverage, you can obtain inland marine coverage.

The experienced professionals at Bogart & Brownell Insurance, Inc. will determine your vulnerability and will provide you with a viable solution for safeguarding your inventory while it is on the road.

Business Owner's Policy

This specialized package coverage is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. By combining some of the most vital coverages, property insurance and liability insurance, a business owners policy can be your solution for safeguarding your business to the fullest.

A business owner’s policy allows you to protect and maintain the financial health of your biggest investment. Allow us to help you secure the protection that will best protect your business.

Worker's Compensation

To ensure that you and your team are protected from the unforeseen, you must obtain a workers compensation policy that maximizes coverage for your business. Required in many states, workers compensation ensures that you are protected from litigious harm while also providing your employees with optimal protection.

Workers compensation covers any on-the-job injuries and related medical expenses to ensure that your team can be up and running again should an accident occur. If any work related injury results in litigation, all representation fees and legal costs will be covered by your workers compensation policy.

Group Health, Life and other Benefit Programs

We specialize in group benefit packages that can provide you with the upper hand amongst your competitors. Those on the job hunt want to work for a company that shows their commitment to their staff, especially in the form of employee benefits.

In addition to providing you with a competitive advantage, you may need to offer employee benefits due to new requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act. If you have more than 50 full-time employees, you may be legally required to offer health insurance to your staff.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals will go above and beyond to ensure that you are providing group benefits that comply with regulations and requirements set forth by Obamacare.

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